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Mens Health

Apart from routine master health work up for men, we have a male infertility clinic where we provide counseling and treatment for male sexual health problems, infections, low sperm count and motility, varicocele, testicular tumours, hydrocele etc. For those with azoospermia special procedures like PESA, TESE are done for sperm extraction from testes. Our specialized Andrology laboratory offers not only a detailed semen analysis, but also testing for ROS in semen and , Sperm DNA fragmentation which are both new and specialized tests to evaluate and manage the sub fertile male . Urology procedures like treatment of kidney stones, ureteric stones, prostatic tumours and all other urinary problems are addressed here by our qualified and experienced andrologist.

Our services for men include

  • - Master Health check up.
  • - Treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • - Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • - Treatment of Oligospermia, asthenospermia.
  • - Treatment for Azoospermia like, PESA ( Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration )
  • - TESE ( Testicular sperm extraction )
  • - Semen alalysis.
  • - Detection of ROS in semen.
  • - Sperm DNA fragmentation.
  • - Treatment of kidney stones.
  • - Management of Prostate and urinary problems.